26 de abril de 2014

Review/Reseña - El caso del falso accidente - Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Author: Jordi Sierra i Fabra
Original title: El caso del falso accidente
English title: -
Spanish title: El caso del falso accidente
Publisher/Editorial: - / Siruela
Genre/Género: Mystery/Misterio, YA/Juvenil

Summary: Berta is a normal girl who plays in a band and has a happy life until everything changes when her father, a private detective, has a car accidents and winds up in the hospital and it turns out that it wasn't an accident. Without knowing whether he will recover or even wake up, Berta decides to investigate her father's latest cases to find the person who tried to kill him.

Review: What I like most about this book is that the cases are very normal and could happen in every town. They're not exaggerated at all and are cases that a girl of Berta's age could solve with some time and patience. I also liked that Berta works the cases with tools that any person could have access to (mobile phone, photo camera, computer etc) and that she doesn't use things that would make the story hard to believe. Berta is not a young teenager anymore, so it's easier to imagine all that she does.

The story has enough questions and mystery that you want to keep reading to find out how it ends, because until she solves all three cases, anyone involved in them can be responsible for her father's "accident". There are many people who have reasons to want him to stay quiet about what he knows.

However, something that I didn't like so much is that her father manages to communicate with her and give her clues in the right moments, but other than this, the story works quite nicely.


Resumen: Berta es una chica normal que toca en un grupo y tiene una vida feliz y hasta que todo cambia cuando su padre, un detective privado, tiene un accidente de coche y acaba en el hospital y se descubre que no fue un accidente. Si saber si se recuperará o incluso si despertará, Berta decide investigar los últimos casos de su padre para encontrar a la persona que intentó matarlo.

Reseña: Lo que más me gustó de este libro es que los casos son muy normales y podrían ocurrir en cualquier ciudad. No son nada exagerados y son casos que una chica de la edad de Berta puede acabar resolviendo, con algo de tiempo y paciencia. También me pareció bien que Berta trabaje los casos con herramientas a las que una persona cualquiera tiene acceso (móvil, cámara de fotos, ordenador etc) y que no use cosas que harían la historia inverosímil. Berta no es todavía una adolescente joven, por lo que es más fácil imaginar todo lo que hace.

La trama tiene suficientes preguntas y misterio que hacen que uno quiera seguir leyendo hasta el final para saber cómo acaba, porque hasta que resuelve los tres casos, cualquiera que esté involucrado en ellos puede ser el responsable del "accidente" de su padre. Son muchos los que tienen motivos para querer que no revele nada de lo que sabe.

Sin embargo, algo que no me gustó tanto es que su padre consigue comunicarse con ella y darle pistas en los momentos adecuados, pero aparte de esto, la historia funciona muy bien.

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  1. I just finished a similar book where the main character also has a mystery to solve. I didn't like it too much but it was for other things besides the actual mystery part so this one doesn't sound too bad! I know what you mean by things sometimes being a little too convenient though.

    1. There are so many books where there are too convenient things that they don't surprise me anymore. The good thing is that in this book they were just short clues and suggestions and not whole solutions.

  2. Me alegra que te haya gustado, no lo conocía xD

    Besoooooooos =)

    1. Yo tampoco lo conocía hasta hace poco, pero leí los cuatro de la serie uno tras otro.

      Besos :)

  3. Glad you liked it. It's great fun when the author makes the story believable.

  4. Hola, significaría mucho que visitaras mi blog, es nuevo. Muchas gracias por el tiempo y atención.

  5. I hadn't heard of this book before now, but it sounds like the kind of story I would love. It's always fascinating to read about normal people solving crimes because it makes me think that it could be ME chasing clues and criminals. (And not being nearly as successful, but let's not think about that.) It does seem like a few plot points were a little too convenient, but I'm glad you enjoyed the book anyway. :)